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Victorian Grace & Celtic Heritage in St Augustine

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The influence of the European Victorian Era on America was significant, to say the least—art, literature, lace, artistic dresses and the bustle, floriography (the language of flowers), the penny lick, oak buffet tables, those wonderful sofas with sloping backs and over-sized arm rests, wingback chairs, etc. Everything about the American Victoria Era was elaborate, romantic, and emotional, to include the architecture. Houses were very large with many small rooms. Each room had a particular function--a place for everything and everything in its place. When designing our logo, we wanted a fusion of our Victorian Lady of Grace and Dignity, the palm for the calm tranquility of the tropical breezes, and the Trinity reflective of our Celtic heritage.    

Michelle Manski, a local St Augustine artist, was able to incorporate all those aspects and create for us exactly what we had in mind all the while working within the city constraints of historic appropriations.                                                                                            

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