Victorian House - corner of the oldest St in the Nation
11 Cadiz Street
St Augustine, FL, 32084, United States
(877) 703-0432 "l" or (904) 824-5214
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2nd floor Carriage House, King bed, private bath, double Jacuzzi tub with shower, electric fireplace, private balcony.

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Ground floor, Carriage House, King bed, double Jacuzzi tub/shower, electric fireplace, private balcony.

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2nd floor Carriage House, 2 rooms, 2 King beds, kitchenette, deep soaking tub.

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Ground floor, Carriage House, King, clawfoot tub with shower, large and enclosed private porch.

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2nd floor Main House, King, electric fireplace, standard shower, private enclosed porch.

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Hanna.1.IMG_0212 Hanna 2nd bedroom


Ground floor, Carriage House, 2-room accommodation, 2 Queen-sized beds, electric fireplace, walk-in shower.

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2nd floor Main House, King, electric fireplace, shower.

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Wedgewood 1.2013 Wedgewood 2013 DSCN8411


2nd floor Carriage House, Queen-sized bed, deep-soaking clawfoot tub, private seating area.

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2nd floor Main House, Queen-sized canopy bed, heart of pine wood floors, 2 Victoria Rosewood velvet chairs, full tub and shower.

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2nd floor Main House, Queen, deep-soaking clawfoot tub and shower.

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1st floor Main House, Queen, walk-in shower.

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