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Welcome to the Victorian House Bed and Breakfast!

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Victorian House at corner of Charlotte and Cadiz Streets

We are in the "Old Towne" District nestled between the two oldest streets in the City of Saint Augustine.

Our history to this vernacular structure begins with the Rogero family, descendants of Minorcan colonists who migrated to St. Augustine from New Smyrna in 1777. The Victorian House was originally built in the 1890's, by Albert Rogero., and the address was formerly known as Green Street. The Rogero's also owned the secondary house located at 23 Aviles (formerly Hospital Street) that records indicate used as a carriage house.
A few owners later, Ms. Mary Myers purchased the property and retained the main house as her private residence for over 30 years continuing the tradition of renting the rooms to the Aviles house. In 1982, Ms. Daisy Morden purchased the two buildings from Ms. Myers opening the first home converted to a bed and breakfast, the Victorian House Bed and Breakfast.